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Creating sites on correct POD when using Configuration Assistant
Answer ID 8991   |   Last Review Date 06/24/2020

How do I ensure that my sites are created on the correct POD when using Configuration Assistant?


Configuration Assistant, Oracle Cloud Portal, My Services


Scenario 1: POD is known. If the service administrator knows the specific POD on which to create the sites, best practices are to check the Configuration Assistant URL and ensure it is of the following format:
https://ossc-<pod name> OR https://ossc-<pod name>

Scenario 2: POD is unknown with location requirements. If there are specific requirements around the location of your site but the POD is unknown, consult Technical Support by submitting a service request at Ask Technical Support with "Cloud.Oracle.Com" as the product.

Scenario 3: POD is unknown with no location requirements. If there are no specific requirements on where the site should be, you can use the URL pointed to by the My Services Page Configuration Assistant link.

Additional Information:

Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant Documentation

Additional information on using the Oracle Cloud Portal is available
here. If you have further questions about the Cloud Portal, the Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant or any other aspect of your implementation, please contact your Sales Account Manager or reach out to your Technical Account Manager (TAM).