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Not receiving incoming email after a test site refresh
Answer ID 8970   |   Last Review Date 06/24/2020

I just refreshed my test site but I am not receiving incoming email in order to create incidents.


Test site environments (newly created, recently refreshed and cloned sites),
Requested via Configuration Assistant self-service tools
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When a test site refresh or creation is requested via Configuration Assistant, it may then be necessary to enable techmail (the utility that processes incoming email into incidents) or enable a mailbox for testing purposes.

Enabling techmail:

- When a test site refresh request is submitted via Configuration Assistant and it has completed the process, you'll then have the option to select the 'Enable Utilities' button to enable all utilities (all or none), as explained in the "Enable utilities for a test site" section in the Configuration Assistant documentation.

- When a test site refresh is performed manually via a customer request submitted in a service request, we automatically enable techmail (and additional utilities) on the primary interface only as part of that request.

Enabling a mailbox:

-  Mailboxes can be enabled using the same self-service tool you used to request the clone.  Please refer to Answer ID 6354: Configuration of Oracle-hosted Service and Outreach mailboxes for more information.

Also note, when a test site is created, all contact and staff account email addresses are appended with '.invalid'. You will need to remove the 'invalid' from your email address for testing purposes.

For further information, please see
Answer ID 1288: All email addresses are invalidated on an upgrade or test site.