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Search By results using complex expressions are inconsistent
Answer ID 897   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

How can I find all answers that contain BOTH "cat" and "dog"?


Analytics, Phrase Searching
Oracle B2C Service


Using complex expressions the following results for the searches performed:

cat= 43 incidents found
cat + dog = 57 incidents found
dog + cat = 43 incidents found
dog = 57 incidents found

OR Searching: By default, multiple words in a search are joined with an OR connector. As a result, searching with COMPLEX EXPRESSIONS and multiple words are entered in the search field, any word without a plus sign in front of it is optional.

As a result, in the two cases that use complex expressions, "cat + dog" and "dog + cat", the results are consistent with the functionality.

For the case of cat + dog, only "dog" is required, this means that the incident will match if it includes dog alone OR it also contains cat. This is the same as saying it will match if it matches dog alone. That is searching for "dog" and "cat + dog" will give the same results.

Similarly, for dog + cat, the incident matches if it contains cat alone OR it also contains dog. If you want to search for incidents that contain both cat and dog, you must include a plus sign in front of both words: "+cat +dog" or "+dog +cat".

AND Searching: If you have changed the search configuration to use an AND connector between multiple words, then records are returned only if the record includes all words listed in the search term. In this case, it is not necessary to include the "+" before specific words.

For more information on AND and OR searching, refer to Using an AND join with keyword searching.

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