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Error “The device is not ready” during login
Answer ID 8959   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Why do I receive an error, "The device is not ready." during login?


All supported versions


Error received in the CX Console during login:

"The device is not ready."


To resolve this issue, check the profile's Deployment tab of the affected agent and look for the path defined in the Custom Deployment Location (e.g. D:\RightNow). 

Then, provide access to the affected computer to the drive letter mentioned above (e.g. drive letter D:).

To access the Custom Deployment Location of the profile, refer to  Answer ID 4611: Custom Deployment Location (CDL).

If the issue persists, please contact Oracle B2C Service Technical Support via Ask Technical Support.


The error is triggered when the drive letter defined in the Custom Deployment Location of the affected agent's profile is not accessible by the agent's computer.