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Workspace Editor - Product is labeled 'Topic' in the Insert Field Editor
Answer ID 8932   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

How do I change the label for the 'Product' field within the Workspace Editor?


Workspaces, Message Bases


For our business, we would like the 'Product' field to be named 'Topic'.


To edit the label of the 'Product' field displayed in the 'Insert Field' editor for workspaces, you need to edit the corresponding message base.

Be sure to use caution when editing Message Base values; many of them are linked values (i.e. changes will be applied to every occurrence throughout the interface).

1. From the console, go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Bases

2. Search by Key for WS_INCIDENT_PRODUCT_HK

3. Double click the message base and add the desired text label in the 'Custom Text' area

4. Select Save&Close

Agents may need to log out of the application and back in to see results.


This message base controls only the label from the 'Insert Field' editor within the Workspace editor. For instructions on how to change the labels of the Product and Category fields in other areas of the application, refer to Answer ID 573: Changing the text of the Products and Categories menus.