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Missing results.php file
Answer ID 8891   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why is there no results.php file in the /views/pages directory as mentioned in the User Guide?


Customer Portal WebDav


The User Guide (OSvC August 2015 and newer) says the search results page uses results.php but this file does not exist in the views/pages directory.


If you have migrated to CP 3.3, then the file is located here:


You may copy this file into your cp/customer/development/views/pages directory to bring it into your development area.


The results.php file was introduced in B2C Service August 2015 along with CP 3.3 as the new results page. Prior versions used the answers/list page to view search results. Therefore, you will not see the results.php file in your views/pages directory if you have used a pre-August 2015 version of B2C Service. Once you migrate to CP 3.3, the file will be created in the reference implementation views/pages directory (/cp/core/framework/views/pages).