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Returning previous values for fields/objects in Custom Processes
Answer ID 8880   |   Last Review Date 03/12/2019

What are the constraints that could ensure/prevent previous object values from being retrieved using "prev" in Custom Processes?


Connect PHP API


Previous values retrieved using "->prev" are not set if an asynchronous custom process is involved, by design. In order for previous values to be available, the custom process would have to be synchronous.

Keep in mind that unlike their asynchronous version, synchronous custom processes have an execution time limit of 5 seconds. Further, code for this should handle cases where the previous value is null such as in the following example:

if (isset($obj))
	if (isset($obj->prev))
		if (isset($obj->prev->CustomFields->c->fieldName))

You can find more information about the two types of execution for custom processes in the following knowledge base article:
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Additional information can be found in the ConnectPHP documentation:
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