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Bookmarking Configuration Assistant URL
Answer ID 8748   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Which URL do I bookmark for Configuration Assistant?


Configuration Assistant,


If a bookmark is generated from the configuration assistant login page, this url cannot be used in the future and will generate a error the next time you use the bookmarked URL. Note that this also occurs when selecting a URL from the history list. Additionally, when directing to that site following proper procedure, a list of calls needs to be preformed in order to get to that final login page. Without those functions happening in the background, the URL captured on the login page will be stale and essentially it no longer exists since it hasn't performed those tasks for your new session.

If you want to generate a bookmarked URL for configuration assistant, use the URL that is associated with the pod your site is on. Below is a format example and a few common pods used. Select the one that is appropriate to your Pod.



GB pod:

MW pod:

VA pod:

PC pod:

CA pod:

WC pod:

CH pod:

SY pod:

JP pod:


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