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What is Techmail On Demand?
Answer ID 8745   |   Last Review Date 03/26/2019

What is Techmail-O?


Oracle B2C Service, Utilities, Techmail
All sites May 2014 and newer


Techmail retrieves email from your configured outreach (techmail-m) or service mailboxes (techmail-s or techmail-o) to create new incidents or update existing incidents depending on your site configuration. To help improve customer experience in newer versions of Oracle B2C Service we have made modifications to our utility infrastructure (techmail-o 'On Demand') that allows messages to be processed as they come into the mailbox, within a few seconds of arrival. This feature is only available for Oracle hosted mailboxes and although messages can be processed near real time once they enter the mailbox, this enhancement does not affect the route or timing between mail servers. 

For more information about using support channels to satisfy a short response time please review Answer ID 5470: Using support channels to satisfy a short response time.

NOTE: The On Demand functionality is currently not available for customers on the PC pod even if Oracle hosted mailboxes are configured. Also, the pop_account value in the mailboxes table must be the full name  (e.g., with the domain. If the pop_account does not include the domain in the name, then techmail-O will not work at all.

Should you choose to use your own mail servers, techmail-s will still process those mailboxes on a 15 minute run-time schedule.