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Launching chat widgets inside Customer Portal when using Engagement Engine
Answer ID 8706   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

My site uses Engagement Engine and am trying to launch a chat widget from inside the Customer Portal, but it is not visible.  What am I missing?


All versions where customers use Engagement Engine


The Oracle B2C Service chat widgets, when used with Engagement Engine (EE), can be launched from inside the Customer Portal (CP).  These widgets are the Conditional Chat Link Widget (CCL) and the Proactive Chat Widget (PAC).  

When used inside the CP with EE, these widgets require the widget attribute "initiate_by_event" explicitly set to "true".  If this value is set to "false" a CCL will display regardless of whether there is an EE rule to display it or not.

Unlike Syndicated widgets used with EE (which are launched outside the CP), the widget code should be "pre-existing" on the page. Example code for CP CCL and PAC widgets:

<rn:widget path="chat/ConditionalChatLink" min_sessions_avail="1"  initiate_by_event="true"   hide_on_unavailable="true"/>

<rn:widget path="chat/ProactiveChat"   initiate_by_event="true"   min_sessions_avail="1"/>

These widgets also require EE rules for triggering. If the Visitor Browser History (VBH) feature of EE is used and correctly set up, it will be available with these widgets inside the CP.

The Engagement Engine tag will also need to be placed on the Customer Portal pages that are intended to have the chat display on.  Refer to the Getting Started guide in this answer for more detail:

Note: Engagement Engine does not support the use of custom Proactive Chat or custom Conditional Chat Link widgets i.e. one cannot use EE rules to trigger custom widgets.

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