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Not able to search older incidents by phrases in the thread
Answer ID 8669   |   Last Review Date 12/09/2022

Why are some older incidents missing from results if searching by word/phrase in the thread?


Agent Desktop, Incidents, Configuration
Oracle B2C Service


Incidents in the report can be searched by the thread with a "incidents.search_thread" field as a filter. Where "incidents.search_thread" is a pseudo field that is connected to the phrases table.

For more information on this filter type, refer to Answer ID 2252: Using the incidents.search_thread column in reports.

In some cases, older incidents will not be searchable even if you can see the exact phrase you are searching on in the incident's thread. This can happen for older incidents if the related phrases have been purged from the phrases table per the PURGE_DELETE_INCIDENT_PHRASES configuration setting.

PURGE_DELETE_INCIDENT_PHRASES specifies the number of days after which solved incidents cease to be fully searchable. Solved incidents whose closed date is older than PURGE_DELETE_INCIDENT_PHRASES days will only support searching on keywords in the subject. Set this value to 0 or to a value greater than ARCHIVE_INCIDENTS to disable this feature. Sites with less than 1 million rows in the incidents table are not affected. Default is 366.


Note: The ARCHIVE_INCIDENTS configuration has been replaced in newer versions with Data Lifecycle Policies. For more information regarding how to configure archiving using DLM Policies please review Answer ID 10013: Using Data Lifecycle Policy to purge (or archive).


Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

To change the purge interval, or to prevent phrase purging, you will need to modify this configuration setting. For information on how to modify configuration settings, please refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing configuration settings.