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Installation fails with a permission error
Answer ID 8663   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

When installing, why does the install fail saying we do not have permission to install?


Installing Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


When installing we receive the error message...

You do not have the necessary permissions to install the application files on the specified folder, please contact your administrator.


To resolve this, reboot the workstation and install any pending Microsoft Updates.

This issue is caused when the Operating System is denying access to the user/system and the deployment process, to the application deployment locations. Since the Service Cloud application is deployed via Microsoft's ClickOnce technology all application components are installed into the agents Windows Profile.

Most often rebooting the workstation and installing pending updates will remedy the issue. Very rarely the issue is caused by a corrupt Windows profile. In extreme case the Windows profile will need to be recreated.

For information on the ClickOnce process, please see ClickOnce Deployment Overview.