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Testing customer portal end-user PTA with Upgrade, Clone or Test site
Answer ID 8467   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

How can I configure my Pass Through Authentication (PTA) functionality to re-direct back to the correct site I am trying to login from when accessing a test site?


Oracle B2C Service customer portal when accessing a non-Production region.


Upon creation of a Test site, Upgrade site or a Clone site, you may encounter problems with your Pass Through Authentication (PTA) functionality when you attempt to login to the end-user pages.  You may be re-directed to your production site after your PTA login.  In order to get around this and allow you to be re-directed back to the actual site you are testing, or denied access altogether and you may need to do one of the following:

1. Ideally, you will have your customer portal external login pages re-direct back to the referrer site.  This configuration is described in more detail in the Answer ID 1575: PTA Guide.

2. If your site re-directs your end-user's back to your production site customer portal, the best way to get around this for one of your test sites is to use a simulated PTA string.  A PTA string is generated using an active user's account and can be copied/pasted into the address bar of your browser.  This will take you directly around the PTA authentication process and allow you to access the test site without any re-direct.

3. Another method is to modify your "PTA_EXTERNAL_LOGIN_URL" configuration to point to a test login system, which in-turn would need to be configured to re-direct the end-user back to the appropriate test site.

4. Additionally, you could just disable the PTA authentication feature on each interface of the test site you are testing by setting the "PTA_ENABLED" configuration to "0".

Note: Since these configurations come forward through an upgrade cutover from the upgrade site, if you are modifying an upgrade site to perform testing, any configuration changes should be reverted prior to the upgrade cutover, to prevent any post-cutover issues.

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