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After accepting a chat within the console, the agent cannot see chat transcript
Answer ID 8457   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

Why can't some agents see the chat transcript within the console after accepting a chat?


Chat, Agent Console


As per our product's infrastructure requirements the minimum supported screen area is 1024 by 768 pixels. The screen area is different than the resolution size because, for example in Windows based operating systems, if the taskbar is visible and the user is having a 1024 x 768 resolution, the remaining screen area will be less than this value.

If an agent is using 1024 by 768 pixels resolution while accepting chats and the taskbar is bigger than the standard size, then the chat transcript will not be visible. In order to be able to see the engagement section as expected, the agents will either have to hide their taskbar or increase the resolution size for their monitors.

Additional information regarding infrastructure requirements based on the version your site is currently running is available in Answer ID 31: Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements.