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Access denied when trying to download answer attachments
Answer ID 8306   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

What can I do if I am unable to load the attachment link from Content/Answers?


Answer attachments, All versions


When I try to click the attachment link from an answer, I receive the following error message in my browser page:

Fatal Error
Access Denied
Reason:  Client address is not authorised


The error usually occurs when the end-user trying to access the attachment does not have their IP address or domain configured in the SEC_VALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS configuration setting. In order to access the Configuration Setting Editor, select the Configuration navigation button and then select Site Configuration > Configuration Settings.

This can be fixed by adding the affected end-user's IP address/domain in the above mentioned configuration setting.

There are cases when agents' workstations, who are added in the configuration setting for one interface, cannot open links from other interfaces belonging to the same site. This can be fixed by checking the configuration setting for the specific interface which cannot be accessed by the agent.

You can find the interface by checking the attachment's URL from the browser and then checking the name before "".

Example: for "", the interface on which the IP should be added in the configuration setting is "Interface123".

Important notes:

- Alternatively, you can turn off the configuration setting but this will mean that access will be permitted for everybody.

- Please be careful while editing this configuration setting as an incorrect configuration can lead to a Site Down. Additional information regarding SEC_VALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS can be found here: Answer ID 245: Restricting computers or hosts that can access the Oracle B2C Service console and end-user pages.