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Closing the chat workspace after a chat has ended.
Answer ID 8242   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

Why are agents, using the Enhanced Console, seeing an error when they close the chat workspace, even though the end-user has disconnected?


Chat workspace, Enhanced Console


Agents using the Enhanced Console see an error message when they attempt to close the chat workspace, even though the end-user has disconnected.


The chat workspace may not be closed until the "Terminate" button in the ribbon has been clicked by the agent, even if the end-user has disconnected. If an agent attempts to close a chat by clicking 'X' in the tab to close it, or if the agent attempts to close the agent desktop before the chat has been terminated he/she will see the below message:

The chat session ID xxxxxxx is still active. Close operation aborted.

This error will also appear if the agent attempts to close the tab after previously entering wrap up, even if the wrap up time has elapsed; the chat will not automatically terminate after the wrap up time is exceeded, and must be terminated manually by clicking the Terminate button. 

A chat session remains active until the agent clicks the Terminate button. The chat will count as an active session, and may prevent the agent from receiving any additional chats. It is important that agents click Terminate when they are finished working on a chat and are ready to move on to another.

The editor will automatically close after the Terminate button has been clicked. Agents should be sure to complete any necessary work before terminating the chat.