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Understanding Chat Permissions: Pull Chat Mode and Push Mode
Answer ID 8178   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

I am trying to set-up Chat Permissions on a profile, what is the difference between Pull Chat Mode and Push Mode?


Chat, Profile Permissions, Chat Pull Policy
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


When creating a Profile for Chat Agents, an Administrator must decide how chat sessions are distributed to available chat agents. There are two options available: Pull Chat Mode and Push Mode, unless the "Pull Chat Mode" is selected the Push Mode will be automatically set.

The path to this is:
Configuration > Staff Management > open profile for edit > Select Permissions from top ribbon > Service tab > Chat Agent Permissions

In Push Mode, the agent console automatically requests the next chat for the agent; the agent does not have to manually request another chat.

Push Chat Mode Example:
If the agent profile allows for a max of three chat sessions and the agent accepts one chat session, once the agent accepts that first session it automatically requests a second session.

If the business prefers chat agents are set in the Pull Chat Mode, then the Service Chat Permission must be manually enabled by the Administrator within the Profile. In Pull Chat Mode, the agent must manually request another chat from the queue by clicking the Request Chat button.

Pull Chat Mode Example:
If the agent profile allows for a max of three chat sessions and the agent currently has one chat session, the agent can click the Request Chat button when she is ready for another chat.

NOTE: When routing chats to agents the Pull Chat Mode can affect when chats are assigned to an agent because the request for a chat is made to the system when the agent manually clicks the Request Chat button. For more information on Chat Routing, please see Answer ID 1174: Routing chat requests to agents.

NOTE: The Pull Chat Mode for chat sessions and the Chat Queue Pull Policy are different. For more information on the Queue Pull Policy, please see Answer ID 8179: Understanding Chat Permissions: Chat Queue Pull Policy.