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Configuring Oracle B2C Service to answer and close an incident automatically
Answer ID 812   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Is it possible to configure Oracle B2C Service to answer and close an incident automatically based on the subject of the question?


Standard Text, Business Rules, Incidents
Oracle B2C Service


It is possible to configure an auto-response based on the value of the summary field. You can configure a workflow rule to append a response to the incident thread, send the response to the end-user, and set the incident status to Solved.

To do this, here is an outline of steps to use:

  1. Using Standard Text to create a standard response to be appended to the Response / Solution field of the incident. When creating the standard response, ensure that the Rules Text check box is checked.
  2. Next, create the incident business rule.  Open Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Rules and click "Edit" for incident type rules.
  3. In the left-hand panel, right-click on the initial state and select Add Rule.
  4. Set the IF condition to read: If Incident.Summary MATCHES REGULAR EXPRESSION unsubscribe (or specific text you wish). If necessary, define additional IF conditions for your rule.
  5. In the THEN part of the rule, click Add Action and select Append Thread > Append Response Template to Solution Field.
  6. When the page refreshes, click the name of the response to append.
  7. Add an additional action and select Email > Send Email Response to Sender.
  8. Add another additional action and select Set Field > Status. Select Solved from the Set Status to drop-down menu.
  9. Activate the rule base.

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