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Answer ID 8085   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2022

What is the difference between AVERAGE_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES and ESTIMATED_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES used for calculations?


B2C Service Chat, All supported versions


There might be differences between the waiting time displayed when comparing the two configuration settings: AVERAGE_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES and ESTIMATED_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES used for calculations.

You can use the below steps to test the two configuration settings:

1. Login to chat
2. Open the Chat Supervisor Home Real Time dashboard
3. View the average wait time for a particular queue 
4. Load chat launch page and create a chat.
5. Accept and then close the chat.
6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until value in AVERAGE_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES configuration has been reached or exceeded.
7. Note the average wait time for the queue.
8. Initiate another chat, notice you will be provided the estimated wait time.
9. Next create several chats and cancel/abandon them before being assigned to an agent.
10. Observe the wait time change with the abandoned chats.

Estimated wait time to reach an agent will change due to chats that were cancelled or abandoned before reaching an agent. This will typically lower the value displayed. You can see more information in Answer ID 2819: Chat wait time information

The average wait time and the estimated wait time are calculated from the same data set used by real-time reports.  The only difference between the two values are the number of samples used to calculate the value (as specified by the "AVERAGE_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES" and "ESTIMATED_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES" configuration verbs).  The value represents the average time an end-user spends waiting in queue irrespective of whether or not they were serviced by an agent. While an end-user may abandon their chat, they may also perform a search while in queue, find their answer, and then terminate the chat. The "average wait time" represents the average time the last X number of end-users waited in queue.


The two configuration settings might also display the same value for the waiting time in case chats are not abandoned/cancelled before being accepted by an agent or if we don't have an increased number of abandoned chats that could significantly change the estimated wait time calculation.