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Differences between min_sessions_avail versus wait_threshold attributes for the SCCL widget
Answer ID 9091   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

What are the differences between min_sessions_avail and wait_threshold attributes?


Chat, Syndicated Conditional Chat Link widget


The min_sessions_avail attribute represents the minimum number of open agent sessions that must be available in order for the link to be actionable. This trigger will be disabled if it is set to 0.

The wait_threshold on the other hand, represents the maximum wait time where the end-user should still be allowed to launch a chat. Again, the trigger is disabled if it is set to 0.

Important: Available sessions will always override wait threshold.

Additional information with regards to min_sessions_avail attribute can be found by reading Answer ID 6369: Chat unavailable when there are no agent sessions available

As for wait_threshold,when min_sessions_avail is disabled, this attribute comes into play. It verifies the average wait time of end-users for a given queue and if this time is lower than the value defined, the link will show as active. This average wait time is being calculated from the number of samples defined within the AVERAGE_WAIT_TIME_SAMPLES configuration setting. The average wait times are reset based on the following conditions:

Specifies the amount of time in seconds of no queue activity, after which waiting info values will be reset. Minimum is 300. Default is 14400 seconds (4 hours).

IDLE_QUEUE_WAIT_TIME_RESET_SECONDS configuration setting has passed and no chats have entered the queue, the average time value will be reset by submitting a chat that is routed to the queue in question. In other words, IDLE_QUEUE_WAIT_TIME_RESET_SECONDS represents the time interval and the 'submitted chat' represents the trigger.

Note: The server will return a wait time of 0 when there are available agents/sessions. This is because the chat widget can be configured to not use sessions as an evaluator for widget availability, and needs to be able to show as available even if the current wait time is greater than the wait_threshold set in the widget. This note is added for clarity due to confusion that can arise from seeing a high wait time in chat reports but still seeing a chat widget with a lower wait_threshold show as available.