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Viewing and editing the local dictionary file
Answer ID 8015   |   Last Review Date 05/15/2019

When I use the "Add to Dictionary" option, where is the word stored?


For all currently supported versions of the Oracle B2C Service program


Both an interface level and a local - user desktop dictionary are available to the user.  The interface dictionary is downloaded to the Oracle RightNow cache on the agent's workstation when the software is installed and can only be edited within the File Manager of the console.  More information about the interface dictionary can be found in the following answer:  Answer ID 439: Adding words to the spell check dictionary and configuring spellcheck.

The local dictionary file, localdic.tlx, is built by the agent, either by using the "Add to Dictionary" function or by editing the file directly.  To access the local dictionary file, navigate to the following folder:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Rightnow_Technologies\<site name>\<software version>\Users\<user ID>\<language>

For example, the full path to an American English local dictionary on version 19B (May 2019) of the software may look like:


If the file is found in a location other than the standard path, there may be an issue with the software writing to it.

A standard text editor such as Notepad++ can be used to view and edit the localdic.tlx file.  This file is not interface specific, but language specific.  Therefore, multiply interfaces using the same language will access this file.  Similarly, for each different language, there will be a separate local dictionary file.