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CHAT_ALERTFORM_DISPLAY custom field label not working
Answer ID 8010   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

I have attempted to create custom labels for Products and Categories in the chat alert notification, why don't the custom labels display?


Chat, Configuration Settings


Products and Categories are both hierarchical menus, with the option to add multiple levels. Given the possibility that multiple levels can be selected the alert form displays the product/category level along with the label. The Products/Categories field is not exactly like a regular menu field. They can have several levels, and these levels can have different visibility settings and (potentially) product links. Products and Categories are objects unto themselves, and are handled slightly differently.

Consider a site that requires a minimum of three selected categories. When the chat alertform form comes through it displays all three levels, like so:

Category Level 1: Parent
Category Level 2: Child
Category Level 3: Grand-child

If the CHAT_ALERTFORM_DISPLAY configuration setting were to be changed to "Category, incidents.cat_id", the alertform would display the new label, but then also labels of the levels, more or less like so:

    Category Level 1: Parent
    Category Level 2: Child
    Category Level 3: Grand-child

The chat form displays the levels without the indent, added here as a mechanism to help explain why this is done. It's essentially saying "A category has been chosen, and of that category there are three levels. They are..." This is expected behavior. "Category" is more than a single value; it is all the values related to the selected value in the hierarchy. Parents and grandparents will also be displayed, and are labeled accordingly. If the configuration setting re-labeled all of those levels with the custom label it would look like:

Category: Parent
Category: Child
Category: Grand-child

That would be potentially confusing for the agent and minimally useful.

If your business process requires you to show only one top level product or category you can work around this by modifying the PROD_LVL_1_LBL and/or CAT_LVL_1_LBL message bases, rather than the CHAT_ALERTFORM_DISPLAY configuration setting label. It is important to be aware, though, that relabeling multiple levels by changing the message bases could result in some confusing redundancy.