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Delayed utility runs and missing scheduled report data
Answer ID 8001   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

How can I get scheduled report data on time for cached data such as incident performance?


Utilities, scheduled reports, agedatabase, incident performance, cached reports
Oracle B2C Service


-- Cached reports
While some data is available immediately in the product, such as incident updates, other data, especially statistics, is created by a utility.  This data is not available until the utility runs and produces it. There may be a delay in the data such as end user statistics which is delayed four hours and incident performance which is available only for the previous day. For more information on cached data refer to Answer ID 1917: Cached data use in reports for more information.

-- Utilities and the slow queue
All the scheduled utilities run on a specific schedule which changes depending on the utility.  Common utility schedules are every 15 minutes, once per hour and once per day.  When a utility runs longer than a predetermined threshold the next run will occur in the slow queue.  This functionality is built into our infrastructure and is not configurable.  To reduce load, utilities in the slow queue are run sequentially which may delay statistics more than normal. This is especially noticeable for the agedatabase utility which usually runs just after midnight for each pod.

To avoid missing scheduled report data there are a few steps that you can take.

1. Make your scheduled reports using data from inc_performance and stats run as late as possible in the morning after agedatabase runs.

2. If you have a site with multiple interfaces using multiple timezones separated by many hours, you may have to change your business practices to deal with statistics that are 2 days old on some interfaces. 

3. If your site has uses a timezone which is several hours earlier than your pod, there are special utility queues for agedatabase which run earlier. Examples are sites in western timezone on a east coast pod such as MW or VA or a site in an India time zone on the SY pod. Request that we move your site from the normal schedule to an early runner for that pod.  Note that running earlier will not eliminate all missed scheduled reports due to other forms of agedatabase delay.