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Unable to update organization from profile page
Answer ID 7971   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Can a contact's organization designation be updated from the contact profile page in Customer Portal?


Customer Portal Versions 2 and 3.x


In CP 2 organizations can be associated with contacts on contact create using these input widgets:

<rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="contacts.organization_login" />
<rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="contacts.organization_password" />

Note that contact organization designations cannot be updated this way, so this can only be used when the user is creating their account/contact record (i.e. these widgets wouldn't make sense on the /app/account/profile page). This can be accomplished on update through a customized solution such as a customized widget used to call a custom ajax controller used to perform this action.

In CP 3.x the behavior is different. In CP3 the organization login (Contact.Organization.Login) and password (Contact.Organization.NewPassword) are available for input on both the contact create and contact profile update pages.

The organization with the login must exist (no organization create is allowed from the contact pages) and the password entered must match what is in the system. If the two don't match the contact can not associate the organization with themselves. NewPassword is misleading since it is used to validate against the old password and you cannot change an orgs password on the contact add or update pages.