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Using accented letters (or special characters) in aliases.txt
Answer ID 7966   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Can we use accents/special characters in aliases?


Site Configuration, File Manager, Wordlist files, Aliases.txt
Oracle B2C Service


Accented letters (or special characters) can be used in the aliases.txt file.

The aliases.txt file can be used to define business-specific synonyms to be used with all end-user searches performed on your answers. The aliases.txt file allows you to define a global list of synonyms to be applied to all your answers. The file contains no default alias terms. To use this capability, you must customize the file with the terms you want. To access the aliases.txt file, from the File Manager change the Switch To menu to be wordlist files and click the file name.

For more information on how to configure the aliases.txt file, please check out: Answer ID 1995: Using a list of common aliases and keywords for all answers.


The below characters are supported. Please note that there could be more accented or special characters accepted by the aliases.txt file.

Acute accented letters:                                          








Grave accented letters:






Umlaut accented letters:







Circumflex accented letters:






Tilde, Cedilla, Ring and Caron accented letters:

à Ñ  Õ  Ç  Å  Š   Ž

Other special letters and symbols:

 Æ  Œ  Ø  Þ  ß


 ¢  €  ƒ  ¤  £  ¥