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An email address uses an umlaut in the local part of the address
Answer ID 11393   |   Last Review Date 02/09/2021

Can an outgoing response be sent to an email address with an umlaut?


Oracle B2C Service, Email


Oracle B2C Service does not currently support Email Address Internationalization in sending responses to addresses that contain non-ASCII characters, such as umlauts or accents, in the local part of an email address. The local part of the email address consists of the characters in front of @. 


The use of non-ASCII characters in the local part of an email address is valid, but at this time the majority of popular email clients do not allow an address to be created with a non-ASCII character. For this reason, the support for sending to this type of email address has not been widely adopted. There are plans for Oracle B2C Service to support this function in a future release. 

Since most popular email clients do not allow usage of special characters, other characters are often used instead.

Examples of these replacements are shown in the table below:

Replacement for non-ASCII Characters
non-ASCII Character Replacement
ä ae
ö oe
ü ue
ß ss

When recording an email address given by an end-user, the spelling of the name used in the email address may not match the spelling of their name. It is recommended to verify email addresses with special characters.