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Agent Accounts appended with '.' + numbers after upgrade
Answer ID 7964   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Why are some agent accounts appended with '.' and a number on my upgrade site? 


Staff Management, Accounts


Before November 2014 version, it was possible to assign account login IDs that have the same spelling except for different cases. For example, login ID 'alice', 'ALICE' and 'Alice' can all exist at the same time and be assigned to different agents.

In order to prevent confusion brought by the same spelling, starting from November 2014 version, we no longer allow login IDs that only differs in case.

For existing sites that are upgraded to a version after November 2014, if they had such accounts before, then only one account will have its original login ID. The other accounts will be appended with '.' plus their respective account id in the end.