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Methodology behind the answer score value
Answer ID 790   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

What is the methodology behind the score value that is calculated for answers? I understand that it is not a simple helpful / not helpful increment.


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Oracle B2C Service


The Solved Count feature collects information about the usefulness of answers in your knowledge base and uses this data to rank your answers. Implicit data is compiled by how customers select and view answers. Explicit data is compiled by how customers rate the effectiveness of individual answers. Both long-term and short-term solved counts are used to calculate the score. Solved counts from the customer portal account for 75 percent of an answer's score, and agent solved counts for 25 percent. Using the solved count values, Oracle B2C Service can dynamically rank the answers by their usefulness and present customers with the most effective answers first. By default the Solved Count feature is enabled.

An answer's score value is a calculated value equal to the answer's solved count combined with any "fix at" positions specified for the answer in the Display Position drop-down menu when adding or editing an answer. For more information about the options available, refer to Adding Answer Details.

The answer score takes into account how well the answer satisfied the end-user. It also takes into account any additional searching performed by the contact after viewing the Answer. Depending on the actual usage by the end-user, the score may increase by a few points or may even decrease.

  • Implicit Ratings - Implicit ratings are gathered as customers view answers. If a customer views an answer, the solved count of the first answer is increased, but not as much as the second viewed answer. In other words, the answer that the customer views last receives the largest solved count increase. Previously viewed answers receive a smaller increase in their solved counts. The solved count is also increased when an agent uses a SmartAssistant suggested answer when responding to a customer's question.
  • Explicit Ratings - Explicit ratings are gathered from the response to the question, "Was this answer helpful?". This question is displayed on the Answers page on the customer portal.

In addition, if the answer is not viewed frequently, its score may be reduced automatically by the system. The SA_AGE_FREQ  configuration setting specifies the aggressiveness of the SmartAssistant data aging process. The value corresponds to the approximate number of days for an unused Answer to have its solved count and link strengths reduced to zero. Maximum value is 400. A value of 0 disables aging. Default is 200.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

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