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Why does answer product/category tab shows split screen and changes cannot be saved
Answer ID 7895   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

Why do answer product/category tab shows split screen and changes cannot be saved?


Answers, Relationships


The best practice is to always remove the sibling association from the Relationship Tab and to Move the answer to a New Sibling set before deleting a sibling answer.

When a sibling answer is deleted without being first removed from the Relationships Tab, the meta-answer also gets removed, leaving the remaining answer with an invalid meta-answer entry. When this behavior occurs, the answer shows a split screen on the Products/Categories tab ("Add Product", "Add Categories" areas on the top and "Remove Products", "Remove Categories" areas on the bottom) and the saved Products/Categories are not retained.

Refer to Answer ID 1111: Meta-answers and sibling answers for more information.

To resolve this issue, please follow the next procedure:

1. Create a brand new test answer.
2. Set for the new answer the products and categories you want for the old answer
3. The rest of the new answer content does not need to be detailed, you can basically just add test for everything
4. On the new test answer click on the Relationships Tab
5. In the Sibling Answers section click Add Existing
6. Search for and select the old answer
7. There will be two options, choose the one that says: Move answer to New Answers Sibling set
8. Click OK
9. Save
10. After it was saved, the new test answer can be deleted.


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