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Contact telephone number must be valid in the Oracle Tap application
Answer ID 7869   |   Last Review Date 01/07/2019

Why am I getting the error "value must be a valid phone number" when editing a contact in the Oracle Tap application?


Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud)
Also known as Mobile Agent App / Oracle Tap

NOTE:  Oracle B2C Service Mobile Agent App (TAP) is deprecated as of May 2017


This is the standard behavior of the Oracle Tap application. It automatically checks if the phone number matches the format for the country that you have specified. If no country is specified on the contact, it will take the default value as United States. If the format doesn't match with the country, then the following error message is shown: "Mobile/Office/Home: value must be a valid phone number"

In this way, the application checks that a correct phone number is inserted. If you don't want this functionality, a custom field can be created and the telephone number can be inserted there without any verification, but a mobile contact workspace should be created and assigned to profiles using Oracle Tap application.

More information about creating a new workspace on Answer ID 2483: Setting up a new workspace.