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Errors connecting to SMTP server
Answer ID 7839   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

How do I resolve SMTP server connection errors?


All versions, outgoing mail


Oracle B2C Service has automatic mechanisms to deal with SMTP connection errors when sending outgoing mail.  Therefore, singular or intermittent SMTP connection errors can be ignored.  If the error persists or happens repeatedly then the issue should be investigated. Please note, Oracle only troubleshoots and supports use of Oracle e-mail servers.

For customers using Oracle owned SMTP server(s):

Please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support to investigate the issue.


For customers using their own SMTP server(s):

Work with your interal mail administrators to investigate and resolve the issue. They can provide logs and check safelisting on your network appliances.  Please note that we suggest that you safelist our Oracle domains as the IP addresses of individual servers can and will change without notice.  Refer to the Network Requirements section for your version starting at Answer ID 31: System requirements to run Oracle B2C Service products.