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Logging into the Oracle B2C Service for the first time post-update
Answer ID 7832   |   Last Review Date 08/07/2019

What should I expect the first time I log in after an update to our site?


Update to your Oracle B2C Service site
All versions


After the update cutover agents will log into the current production site just as they do today. Upon successful login, the desktop client will contact the Oracle server and download the new application files to the desktop. The upgrade site will be unavailable for login after cutover.

Here's what you will experience:

  1. Click on your desktop icon (not a shortcut).

  2. The installer will go through an update and a little dialog box will appear in the top left corner of your screen announcing that it is updating. (See example attached)

  3. Once the installer goes through its update the dialog box will go away and you will be directed to the log in screen.

  4. Put in your current production site credentials.

  5. Note: You can confirm that you are on the production site at this step by looking at the interface name. If you were on the --upgrade site it would say that in this location, however you should see that it refers to your production site.

  6. On the log in screen below your credentials you will see a progress bar appear and .zip files decompressing. (See example attached)

  7. Once this process is complete the Oracle B2C Service console will launch.

This is similar to how the --upgrade site was created, but not exactly the same. If you look in your folders for the Oracle B2C Service product you should see a new folder created for the new version files set. Your IT team may want to go back and remove the --upgrade site and other previous versions but this is not required.


See attached .pdf file " Logging in post-cutover" for steps and screenshots.

For more information about deploying the agent desktop, see Answer ID 7817: Service Cloud Application Deployment and Deployment Options Overview.

For more information on the update process refer to Answer 1124: Requesting an Oracle B2C Service Update.

To ask a specific question regarding this topic, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support.

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