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Oracle B2C Service Release Resources
Answer ID 7820   |   Last Review Date 11/24/2020

To help you prepare for a successful transition for our latest release, we are pleased to provide you a centralized view of what is included in the latest release and recent releases. 

Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 20D Release is Now Live!


Oracle CX Service 20D Product Highlights

The November 20D Release, is packed full of exciting new features for both B2C Service and Oracle Field Service.

Oracle B2C Service

The 20D release delivers several customer requested features from the B2C Service Idea Lab. Some of those features included:

Workflow for Multiple Form Factors, making it easier for customers to migrate to BUI from .Net without having to create new workflows for BUI-specific workspaces and Maintains Context Across Complex Workflows which adds a new more intuitive and efficient workflow option to open in a sub tab, keeping new records in the context of the agent’s work process. Additionally, File Attachment Support for Chat has been delivered.  Now, chat agents can send attachments directly to customer via the Chat Inlay.

We’ve also added another fun feature which delivers the ability to add Agent Avatars as part of Browser UI Personalization. 20D also brings better Mobile Responsiveness for Mobile Analytics, which automatically adjusts the display to fit size of any device and stack reports vertically for easier viewing. 

In Digital Customer Service, we’ve delivered Rich Format Support for Messaging Applications providing a more interactive experience and increased channel engagement.

While we are continuing our development with Inlays, this release adds the Provide Chat Agents with User Context feature, now the value of the subject, first & last names, email, custom fields, product, category fields can be dynamically populated allowing for a greater understanding of the customer and of the possible context of the chat.

We are excited to deliver Answer Versioning to Knowledge Foundation for Browser UI. Answer versioning for KF was previously released in .Net and is now available in the Browser UI.

Also, in this release we are introducing Article Quality Index to Knowledge Advanced, Article Quality Index is an essential component of Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) but also enables organizations to have consistent quality metrics for rating the article quality and performance of those contributing. 

Intelligent Advisor delivers several features and enhancements including the ability to Develop Decision Services in a Browser. Now business users can create and deploy decision-making services from any device. Also, IA now allows users to Anonymously Create Incidents on Existing Contacts.  Interviews initiated by anonymous users can now be used to create new child records on an existing contact. And finally, in 20D we are introducing the Redwood Theme in Intelligent Advisor

Oracle Field Service 

The 20D release brings several key features to Oracle Field Service, including the introduction of the Automated Inventory Pick-up, with this feature, bulk routing may auto-create inventory pick-up activities to travel to and pick-up inventory from the nearest warehouse location.

As Oracle Field Service continues to move toward transitioning fully to the Core Application, numerous enhancements have been added in 20D. This includes Resource Tree improvements to hierarchy, navigation, and configuration, improvements to the usability of the Calendar, The Resource Info page has been upgraded allowing users to see the resource information page of users with the ‘Manager/Dispatcher/Admin’ role and finally, we’ve moved the ‘External Plugin’ option to the Main Menu so users can access this function quickly and easily.

In the 20C release, OFS introduced the Assignment Assistant, as we continue our iterative approach to enhancing this feature – we’ve added the following updates for 20D; Hint for Route Impact – displaying the time (work and travel) impact of assigning an activity.

The Timescale function allows users a better understanding what time an activity will start

activities that cannot be moved to a resource are now displayed in the ‘Non-movable’ section.

We’ve also added the History tab –which allows users a quick and easy way to assign activities to the same resource multiple times. This update will enable our users to better visualize and understand assignment impact when making manual assignment decisions.

And finally, Collaboration has gotten a full redesign, a new conversation icon allows users to start a 1:1 chat, group chats, broadcasts, as well as search who is nearby. In addition to this, all chats are consolidated into “panes.” You can also now Expand Collaboration to full screen and easily resize the window based on your preference. We’ve also enhanced Collaboration view for Mobile devices.

Please be sure to check out the release readiness pages on for the complete details of all the exciting features delivered in 20D for both B2C Service and Oracle Field Service. 

Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 20D Resources:


Recent Releases

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 Oracle B2C Service 20C

With the 20C Oracle B2C Service Release we continue to bring the Browser User Interface up to parity with .Net, enhancements include; the Standard Interaction Workspace which has been updated to contain a tab set that incorporates Incident View Control, Page Peek, and Visitor Browser History, the ability to multi-select attachments for deletion, and the Bookmark feature in Analytics which supports an option to bookmark the URL specific to the filter values that the user has specified. 

Additionally, BUI Chat to Co-browse Escalation enables chat agents working on chat interactions to seamlessly invite the end user to a co-browse session with a single click. Once accepted, they are automatically connected into a co-browse session with the end user.

Also in 20C those using the Archived Incidents component in BUI, can now paginate the search results and view audit and transaction information on the archived incident details page.

20C brings some new capabilities to the Chat Inlay, administrators now have the ability to include a product and/or category selector on the launch form for the Chat Embedded Inlay. This allows end users to choose a product and/or a category when initiating a chat with an interface.

Knowledge Advanced adds the ability to filter Knowledge base search results using multiple products and categories. With this customer requested feature, Customer Portal users can select multiple products and categories to filter search results.

On that platform side, we’ve added enhancements to Element Manager; Customers can export and import additional elements related to business rules like answers, tasks, opportunities, and support rules with escalations. Customers can also view the progress of package creation during the export process and download the package later from the export page. Additional improvements include the ability to handle rollback in an efficient manner, enable and disable rules while importing, and overwrite rules. 

The 20C Oracle B2C Service also release adds some Data Lifecycle Management enhancements, DLM administrators can create custom policies based on filter templates or based on a report. Administrators can also purge data in deleted record tables for incidents, contacts and sss_users, and view the status of enabled DLM policies on the respective policy page.


Oracle Field Service Management

The 20C release adds several key features to Oracle Field Service include the Redwood look and feel when using Oracle Field Service, providing a consistent Oracle experience. Also added is the Ability to Edit Fields in Activity Details Screen, with this feature users can now edit fields directly from the Activity Details screen, this provides a better user experience reducing the need to navigate to other screens when entering or updating important details of a service activity.  20C brings Improvements to Where is my Technician configuration, These additional configuration options allow companies to ensure customer and resource privacy. Links between segmentable activities support is also included, this feature allows users to link segment-able activities together, meaning the system now allows for linking a segment-able activity to another segment-able activity.

Additional features include, Routing Report Improvements, giving users the ability to better understand routing issues, work with activities within the report screen and improve overall usability and Assignment Assistant (formerly the Move screen) has some new functionality, including, the ability to visualize the activity position within the new route, view the impact of the move on the route and view idle time. 

Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 20C Resources:

Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 20C Release Overview Video
Product Management Portal (VPN Req’d)
Oracle B2C Service Release Readiness Assets
Oracle Field Service Release Readiness Assets

 Oracle B2C Service 20B

With the May 20B Release comes several exciting new features for both Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service.

In the 20B release, Oracle B2C Service will extend the basic Q&A feature found in the WeChat channel to include Facebook Messenger. This feature enables the administrator to setup basic Q&As to direct messages to the appropriate agent or queue. The Routing Question feature allow administrators to setup a simple question answer segment in a messaging channel to customer input.

Oracle continues to add features and enhancements to the Brower UI and in 20B some of these enhancements include Review Responses. With this feature, Agent Browser UI users can now expand variables in the thread before saving or sending a response. We have also improved the Chat Engagement Panel in the Agent Browser UI. This exciting new features include a modern, updated style, streamlined chat header, and a new service level warning so that agents can easily see when service levels are met or exceeded.  Additionally, with this release we are delivering the Most Popular Chat Reports within the Browser User Interface. And speaking of fun exciting new features, this release adds Emojis to the Chat Compose Control in the Agent Browser UI. Agents can choose from a menu of smilies and emojis to add during a live Chat session. 

Other important 20B delivered features include, the Knowledge Foundation Auto Save and Easy integration of auditable headless decision making with Decision reports for Determinations Batch REST APIs for Intelligent Advisor. 

Finally for Oracle B2C Service the 20B release delivers new platform enhancements including support for the Answer, Task and Opportunity object in the Enhanced Business Rules User interface, which completes feature parity with legacy rules for these objects and offers a fresh new look of the Rules Editor on Browser UI. 

Oracle Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 20B Resources:

Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 20B Release Overview Video
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 Oracle B2C Service 20A

With the February 20A Release comes several exciting new features for both Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service.

Oracle continues to add features and enhancements to the Browser UI. In 20A some of these enhancements include Workspaces Splitter and Flip Tile which offers agents more real estate when needed.  Additionally, Agent Browser UI adds two new customer requested features, the ability to customize Browser UI branding with a Custom Logo, Favicon or Watermark, and also the ability to Preview Variables Before Sending.

Other important 20A delivered features include, the Knowledge Foundation Top Answers Inlay and New Live Experience (LX) integration with Oracle B2C Service. The new Top Answers Inlay lets Oracle B2C Service customers that use Knowledge Foundation (KF) access their knowledge articles from virtually anywhere by placing the KF inlay on any organizational web page without having to enter the customer portal pages. Integrating Live Experience Cloud with Oracle B2C Service now offers our customers the ability to deliver new modern digital & visual channels, including real-time, personalized and precise video engagement between company agents and end users.

Finally this release delivers some exciting pre-built integrations between Sales and Service as well as CDM and Service.

Oracle Field Service is also introducing some key features with 20A, including Links between Segmentable & Regular Activities, this new feature allows users to link segmentable (formerly multi-day) activities and regular duration activities. This allows for companies to help their customers better by supporting complex use cases and projects that require different durations and skill sets.

Also with 20A, Oracle Field Service users can draw a customer area on the route map around the desired service activities with the new Draw Polygon to Select Activities feature. This will then select all of the services activities within that designated area. When selected, users are able to see the details of all the activities and choose the ones that should be scheduled. Other highlights include, Links Disabled when Offline. This feature disables links (grays them out) that are only available when connected to a network. This feature is particularly helpful when mobile resources are in and out of spotty service. Allowing them to understand that certain functionality is only available while they have cellular service or are connected to WIFI.

Oracle B2C Service 20A Release Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 20A Release Overview Video  (coming soon)
Oracle B2C Service Release Readiness Assets
Oracle Field Service Release Readiness Assets  

 Oracle B2C Service 19D

With the November 19D Release, comes several exciting new features for Oracle B2C Service (Oracle B2C Service).

The 19D release provides several new enhancements and features to the Agent Browser User Interface including, new Workspace UX Options which allow administrators to create compelling workspaces with a modern UI.  Additionally Agent Browser UI users can maximize the display size of workspace items such as threads, workspace reports, file attachment controls, time billed controls, and audit log controls to make these elements easier to interact with. The expanded control can be reduced back to its original size by clicking the maximize control again.  The Opportunity Workspace is now supported in the Agent Browser UI.

In Digital Customer Service, Email Confirmation Loop has been delivered. This feature ensures that users actually own the email address they register with when asking a question or creating an account on Customer Portal pages. In Digital Customer Service we are delivering IOS Safari Support for Video Chat.

Smart Title Discovery is released in 19D for Knowledge Advanced. With this feature, search content processing evaluates PDF content to accurately determine the titles of PDF files.

A PHP Upgrade to 5.6.40 has been release in 19D as well.

Oracle B2C Service 19D Release Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 19D Release Overview Video  
Product Management Portal  (VPN Req'd)
Oracle Cloud Release Readiness Assets  

 Oracle B2C Service 19C

With the August 19C Release, Oracle marks our 50th on-time quarterly release of Oracle B2C Service and with this comes several exciting new features for both Service and Field.

The 19C Service Cloud release provides several new enhancements and features to the Agent Browser User Interface including, Agent Browser UI Themes which enables users to a theme for different interfaces making it easy to identify which interface they are using. Additionally, in Digital Customer Service Video Chat has been expanded to our EMEA region and we've also delivered several enhancements to the newly released Chat Inlay.

In the 19C Service Cloud Release introduces a new AR Accelerator, with this accelerator Oracle has coupled the CX Service solution with Augmented reality (AR) and offers predefined integrations to Service Cloud data as well as Reference Architecture for customers and partners starting to build bespoke AR applications.

Oracle B2C Service 19C Release Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 19D Release Overview Video  
Product Management Portal  
Oracle Cloud Release Readiness Customer Assets  

 Oracle B2C Service 19B

With the May 19B release, we've added an exciting array of new features to both Service and Field Service. 

The 19B Service Cloud release provides several new enhancements and features to the Agent Browser User Interface including, Agent Browser UI Themes which enables users to select a color theme for the application background color, and the ability to upload multiple attachments to incidents. Now users of Agent Browser UI can upload multiple attachments at once to an incident rather than selecting attachments one by one.

The 19B Service Cloud Release introduces a new channel for customer interaction, Oracle Messaging. This new channel delivered through Oracle B2C Service Chat, integrates FB messenger and WeChat into the Oracle B2C Service Chat channel.*

Oracle B2C Service Field Service is also introducing some key features with 19B. With this release customers can now integrate Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) with Oracle Field Service Cloud and then host a ChatBot service at their company site. ODA is an environment for creating ChatBots and then deploying them on a channel of your choice. Using ChatBots helps you engage technicians in their day to day activities and allows them to work smarter and more productively. 

19B Oracle Field Service delivers, Departure Time on Landing Page, which displays the information related to the start of a working day. New data is provided in the Activate route section of the Landing page and is available for the current day until the route is activated, showing when the resource must leave their start location to arrive to their first activity.  Also, delivered in this 19B release is Required Inventory Improvements. Users can add, edit, and delete required inventory for activities in Oracle Field Service Cloud Core Application. You can also add required inventory from your Parts Catalog.

* This feature is currently on limited availability.

Oracle B2C Service 19B Release Resources:

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Oracle Field Service Cloud 19B Overview Video
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Oracle Field Service Cloud 19B New Feature Summary & What’s New
Oracle B2C Service User Community 

 Oracle B2C Service 19A

With the February 19A release, Oracle adds new features and enhancements to Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) and Oracle Field Service (OFS).

With 19A Oracle is adding new enhancements to the Virtual Assistant, including a customer and partner facing Virtual Assistant UI to author complex and custom conversations also known as dialogs. As well as an enhancement which optimizes Natural Language Processing for each language and adds the ability for a single VA instance to support multiple languages.  This enables organizations to tailor their Virtual Assistant responses appropriately.

19A also delivers a dedicated Chat API for Intelligent Advisor, this Chat API enables conversational, personalized chat experiences that are easy to deliver and maintain. It is integrated out of the box with Intelligent Advisor and Service Cloud Chat, but could be leveraged with other chat-based interfaces, such as Oracle Digital Assistant.

Oracle Field Service cloud also delivers some cool features including the ability for field technicians to find Nearby Resources with Specific Inventory & Broadcast Message to specific users with the needed inventory.

These are just a few highlights of the 19A Oracle B2C Service, and Oracle Field Service Cloud Release. Please visit the Release Readiness page to read about all the features delivered in 19A.  

Oracle B2C Service 19A Release Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 19A Release Overview Video  
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