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Oracle B2B Service, B2C Service and OFS Release Resources
Answer ID 7820   |   Last Review Date 11/21/2022

To help you prepare for a successful transition for our latest release, we are pleased to provide you a centralized view of what is included in the latest release and recent releases. 

Oracle B2B Service, Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 22D Release is Now Live!


Oracle CX Service 22D Product Release Feature Highlights

The November 22D Release for B2B Service, B2C Service, and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting customer requested features.

Oracle Fusion Service

  • Asset Based Service – Oracle Fusion Services first end-to-end solution provides complete workflows for Predictive Service, Field Repair, and Depot Repair, making it ideal for companies in the High Tech and Manufacturing industries. The offering spans from Oracle Digital Customer Service, Fusion Service Center, Oracle Supply Chain, and Oracle field service.
  • Oracle Service Center Generally Available in 22D - The new Service Center offers a completely redesigned agent experience allowing you to manage service issues and engage with customers and fellow employees using a modern, conversational user interface. Designed with the new Redwood Design System and Visual Builder Studio, every element in the design has been reimagined with simpler, modern design elements to make it easier than ever to support your customers.
  • Improved Visual Builder functionality – Deploying customers can now enhance both client-side and server-side extensions.
  • Fusion Service Knowledge Authoring UI Improvements – The knowledge authoring UI has become more flexible and can accommodate custom business processes, providing a tailored experience for authors, through both extensibility and mass updates. In addition, Knowledge now provides the ability to extend and configure the authoring increasing productivity by integrating org specific processes into authoring flow. Mass updates allow for multiple changes to articles based on criteria, saving time by performing the same operations on large sets of articles.
  • Intelligent Advisor – Introduced a completely web based authoring experience improving the overall user experience.
  • Leverage Knowledge throughout the Oracle application suite - Knowledge can now be leveraged throughout the Oracle application suite delivering the necessary information in the flow of work, specifically by suggesting changes from service requests. Knowledge change recommendations can be expedited and clarified by attaching supporting media. This enables consumers of knowledge to provide meaningful feedback quickly.

Field Service

  • Assignment Assistant: Current Resource Route Impact – Starting in 22D the Assignment Assistant will now display the route details of the current resource when you move an activity between resources. In addition, the Assignment Assistant now displays the before and after impact to the route when you reorder an activity. These enhancements are designed to intelligently guide users when there is a need to manually reschedule work.
  • Find Matching Resources API – In this release we’ve also enhanced our further extending the flexibility of our scheduling application “Find matching Resources” REST API, these enhancements include:
    • Specify a range or list of dates for searching for matching resources
    • Filter resources by resource preferences for the reference activity
    • Filter resources by required inventory
  • Improved Travel Estimation using Machine Learning – this release also brings enhancements to our travel estimation capabilities, specifically the travel estimations of activities when the 'from' location is not available and only the 'to' location is available.
  • Improvements to the Collaboration User Interface – we are always enhancing how our users interact with OFS, this release brings some of those enhancements to Collaboration:
    • User avatars are now displayed next to the names of the users
    • The online/offline status is now displayed with the user avatar. Specifically, a green dot indicates when a user is online and a white dot with grey border indicates when a user is offline
    • Finally, system messages, broadcasts, help desks, and conference notifications are now displayed with a corresponding icon next to them

Oracle B2C Service

  • Custom Chat Masking – Customers can create custom masking patterns (hiding sensitive data) allowing for increased security and customer privacy for unique use cases.
  • Agent Chat Transcript Zoom/Magnify – Allows agents to resize chat transcripts making information more accessible improving service efficacity.
  • View image files without download – Agents can now view images (gif, jpeg, png, pdfs) without having to download the files again improving agent efficiency.
  • Business Rules Improvements - Business rules has been enhanced to support more complex cases, better search filtering, and audit reporting

Please be sure to check out Oracle Release Readiness pages for ALL features delivered in 22D, in this announcement we’ve only highlighted some of the exciting features delivered in the 22D release. Additional Oracle Fusion Service, B2C Service and Field Service 22D Release Resources:



Recent Releases

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Oracle B2C Service 22C

Oracle Service 22C Product Release Feature Highlights

Oracle CX Service 22C Product Release Feature Highlights

The August 22C Release for B2B Service, B2C Service, and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting customer requested features.

Oracle B2B Service (Fusion Service)

  • Redwood UI for Fusion Service Generally Available!  22C welcomes the general availability of Oracle’s Redwood User Interface for service. The Redwood UI represents a completely innovative approach to service management, while providing an experience consistent with other Oracle Redwood applications.
  • Oracle Case Management is now generally available. Case Management is new module that enables data tracking, workflows and collaboration related to long running processes such as escalations, investigations, benefit applications, and other issues.  Oracle Case Management is a secure, modern solution inspired by our user-centric Redwood design philosophy and built upon our robust Visual Builder Studio framework for extensibility and integration. 
  • The Visual Builder Studio extension experience now provides the option to create entirely new pages within the Redwood application. A developer can create action chains to define custom navigation between extensible pages, including navigation between custom pages or between prebuilt and custom pages. The result is the ability to create entire custom page flows so that agents can perform new tasks and so that you can uniquely tailor the application experience to fit your business.
  • Visual Builder Studio now offers the ability to create custom service connections that point to other Fusion REST APIs or external REST services. This allows you to create new UI components that display additional data from an external application and embed them into your Service application pages.

Oracle B2C Service

  • 22C customers will see several enhancements geared towards delivering digital first experiences. For example. Oracle Digital Assistant can now automatically create new incidents, eliminating the need for a live agent to escalate certain request. In addition, B2C Service will offer newly documented APIs allowing customers to more easily integrate non-oracle bots with service chat.
  • 22C chat offers several improvements to improve efficiency such as the ability to Set the duration for Chat Wrap-Ups allowing agents time to complete any post-chat tasks before receiving the next chat request. In addition,  customers can now automatically set Incident Status to Solved eliminating redundant incidents that are automatically created when a chat is accepted. Finally, 22C offers synchronization of chat and contact common fields. This automatically ensures related records contain consistent data. 
  • Intelligent Advisor now provides default visibility for list inputs. Interview authors can set default display conditions on list inputs, including value lists from B2C service, so they have complete control over whether new values are automatically displayed to users, simplifying, and streamlining the uptake of new values. In addition, Intelligent Advisor now offers Policy Author and Viewer roles for API clients. This allows the provision of minimal privileges when automating project lifecycle tasks and eases the assignment of policy author and viewer roles to API client users.  

Oracle Field Service

  • Oracle Fusion Field Service 22C offers several exciting improvements to its popular Where is my Technician capabilities. Highlights include improvements to the configuration of Feedback Availability, providing the ability to gather feedback, even when the end-customer sends it multiple days after the appointment completion date. In addition, Where is my Technician now offers New Message Placeholders for “Cancelled” and “Not Done” activities. These enhancements will improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and service visibility.
  • Previously in Oracle Fusion Field Service, users were taken to the device's native camera to take pictures. With 22C OFS now launches a custom in-app camera module. This allows users to take photos without jumping between applications. This provides a unified and reliable camera experience regardless of the mobile device’s operating system and/or performance. This in-app camera is the first of many enhancements planned as part of our Multimedia Library initiative.
  • The solution now incorporates the capabilities of near-field communication (NFC) technology into the daily routine of mobile resources. With this feature, a mobile resource can scan NFC tags and have the data populated into desired screens (i.e., forms or pages) based on context layouts. This capability greatly simplifies data entry, reduces the number of manual mistakes, while keeping the collected data accurate and in the expected format.

Please be sure to check out Oracle Release Readiness pages for ALL features delivered in 22C, in this announcement we’ve only highlighted some of the exciting features delivered in the 22C release. Additional Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 22C Release Resources:


Oracle B2C Service 22B

Oracle Service 22B Product Release Feature Highlights

Oracle CX Service 22B Product Release Feature Highlights

The May 22B Release for B2C Service and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting customer requested features.  

Oracle B2C Service

  • Service Center introduces the Redwood Theme which will be the default theme for all new users in Agent Browser UI. For returning Browser UI users the theme can be changed to the Redwood UI by going to the preference menu from the Avatar in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • With 22B We are delivering Agent Affinity, this feature reconnects the customer with the last agent that handled their chat session.  This feature is designed to improved customer experience and provide an opportunity for the customer & agent to build rapport.
  • Also in 22B we’ve added the ability to support custom templates in the CK Editor for Knowledge Advanced, this means that now KM admins can create pre-defined HTML templates for knowledge Authors making it much easier to create compelling content that is suitable for any use case.
  • Intelligent Advisor delivers Viewer Hub Role, this new feature provides read only production access to users that need to only be able to access, download and analyze deployment usage. Intelligent Advisor also adds French and Spanish web-based rule authoring, this enhancement to the decision service rule authoring enables French, Spanish or English as the authoring language for decision service projects.

Oracle Field Service

  • Improved UI and User Experience. The user interface and user experience are enhanced in field Collaboration to improve the overall user experience while using the application.
  • Modern Redwood Style for the Core Applications, starting with Update 22B, the updated Redwood theme provides Oracle Field Service with a new color palette and a modern look and feel that is aligned with other Oracle CX products.
  • Prompt Mobile Application Users to Provide Rating and Feedback. Starting with Update 22B, Oracle Field Service seeks users' feedback on the installed application. The feedback helps in knowing their perceptions and determining how we can further improve the mobile application. Additionally, the mobile app now prompts users who are using older versions of the installed application to update to the latest version, if a new version is available.  
  • 22B Introduces Standard Reports for Tracking Native Applications Versions; identify users who use older versions of the mobile application through the new standard reports that you can add to a dashboard. With these standard reports, you have better visibility about the devices and versions of the Oracle Field Service mobile applications used by your mobile workers.
  • View Online or Offline Status for Users on Manage Page, an indicator on the Manage page, which indicates whether a user is online or offline. This indicator is displayed next to the avatar.

Please be sure to check out the release readiness pages on for the complete details of all the exciting features delivered in 22B for both B2C Service and Oracle Field Service.

Additional Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 22B Release Resources: 

Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 22B Release Overview Video

Oracle B2C Service 22A

Oracle Service 22A Product Release Feature Highlights

The February 22A Release for B2C Service and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting customer requested features.  

  • Oracle B2C Service
    • With 22A customers can publish B2C Service Incidents into CX Unity through an integration between B2C Service and CX Unity, CX Unity is Oracle’s cloud-based platform used to capture all our customer’s engagements with their customers and it is now integrated into B2C Service Brower User Interface to allow a full 360 view of the customer.
    • 22A delivers several new enhancements for Intra Chat including, Routing flexibility for Intra Chat. With this feature admins can configure the Intra Chat inlay to include supporting fields from Contact, Incident, and custom fields. Additionally, admins can Set the counter for Chat Wrap Up Timer this allows agents time to complete any post-chat tasks before automatically receiving the next chat request.
    • Also delivered in 22A for Intra Chat, is the ability to choose rich text or plain text when responding to customers. We’ve also added Personalize Chat Sounds, so now chat agents can be alerted with a personalized sound when there is a new message.
    • We are excited to announce this next customer requested feature, Asset Management within Knowledge Foundation. Asset Management is now available through a new seamless integration with Oracle Content Management, allowing authors to upload images and other assets to OCM, then include those assets in Knowledge Foundation answers as either embedded objects or links.
    • Intelligent Advisor offers the ability to compare and merge project versions. Authors can now compare current projects within Policy Modeling to other local development versions or within the Intelligent Advisor Hub and merge any change into the local project.
  • Oracle Fusion Field Service
    • Improvements have been made to the Oracle Field Service Main Menu navigation, now the Main Menu bar is always visible on the left side of the page when you open Oracle Field Service on a large screen (above 1440 pixels). It contains only icons, and you can expand it to show both icons and text through a hamburger menu.
    • Set Default work zone for resources, starting with Update 22A, when you add a work zone to a resource, you can select it from the work zones that are default to the resource's bucket or organization unit.
    • Add Install Require Inventory to Workflow Manager, with this release you can add the installation of required inventory as a Workflow step. The application checks whether all the required inventory items are installed and shows the corresponding step within the Workflow as completed.
    • Dataset transfer between instances Enhancements, export and import multiple forms and plug-ins simultaneously between instances.
    • Enable Knowledge Management natively, with 22A, admins can enable Oracle Knowledge Management within Oracle Field Service, so that users can access Knowledge articles from Oracle Knowledge Management. With this integration a technician can access the most relevant information related to the job they are working on and complete the job efficiently. 
    • Use Machine Learning to suggest optimal value of routing plan run time. With the 22A release the application uses Machine Learning to enable users with suggestions and a dependencies graph to help set up the right values for several parameters in a routing plan that are vital for optimal routing quality.
Please be sure to check out Oracle Release Readiness pages for ALL features delivered in 22A, in this announcement we’ve only highlighted some of the exciting features delivered in the 22A release. Additional Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 22A Release Resources:



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