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Setting a product or category for email requests
Answer ID 777   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

How do I remove the Unspecified option for the Product and Category field for incidents created from email requests?


Incoming Incident Routing, Business Rules, All versions


When submitting a request via email, your customers have no means to assign a product or category value to the incident created since there is no field to specify in the email itself. As a result, by default, incoming email requests are assigned to be Unspecified. You can use business rules, however, to assign products and/or categories to incoming email requests.

Note: Keep in mind that assigning fields based on the content of the email is not perfect in that customers may or may not include certain words or phrases in their request. For this reason, the business rule may not catch all of the incidents you would like.

To do this, you can configure a rule similar to the examples below where the Incident Source is equal to Email and the THEN part of the rule sets the appropriate field(s): uses the Set Product or Set Category option from the Add Additional Action drop-down menu:

  1. Set the Incident Source to be E-mail.

  2. Click Add Another Condition and select Incident.Summary (the Subject of the e-mail) or Incident.Description (the body of the email).

  3. For the Operator select either CONTAINS or MATCHES REGULAR EXPRESSION and then you can enter a word or phrase in the Value field.

  4. Add additional IF conditions as necessary.

    Note: If you want to assign fields based on the mailbox the request is sent to, select Incident.Mailbox EQUALS mailbox name from Mailboxes table. Be sure to use the NAME of the mailbox, not the e-mail address to which the mail is sent.

  5. For the action, select Set Field > Product or Category.

For more information on setting up business rules, refer to Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.  

For more information on using regular expressions, refer to Answer ID 486: Using Regular Expressions.