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Chat agent events when logged in twice on two workstations
Answer ID 7543   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

How can we test the chat agent events when logged in twice with the same account credentials on two different workstations?


Chat - Agent console, November 2014 and newer
Oracle B2C Service


Normally the application does not allow you to log into multiples machines at the same time with the same staff account. For more information please check: Answer ID 5267: Logging into multiple workstations at the same time while using the same Staff Account

However if you are logged into the application and receive a chat, you will then be able to log into a different workstation because once the chat was accepted on the first workstation, your session will be different.

The scenario is described below:

1. Account on workstation A logs into the Oracle B2C Service console
2. Account on workstation A is engaged in a chat
3. Account on workstation B logs into the application with the same user and password used on workstation A
4. Account on workstation B will experience the message:

Override existing login?
This account appears to already be logged in.
Would you like to terminate the existing session?
This should only be done if you know that the session has already actually ended.

Illustration of Override existing login alert message

5. If you press no then no action will be taken. If you press yes:

Account on workstation A will see an Access Denied error message"

Access Denied
This session is no longer valid. It may have been terminated by an administer, or you may be logged in on another copy of the program.
This error is not recoverable. The application will terminate.

Illustration of Access Denied error message

Account on workstation B will receive the chat. This prevents chats from being lost.

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