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Customization "Hello World" examples
Answer ID 6929   |   Last Review Date 03/02/2021

What are "Hello World" customization examples?


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What is a "Hello World" example?

For those who have some experience in scripting; “Hello World!” is the first program or script a new user would write. It is simply a script that will display the words “Hello World” on the screen, it contains little more than a few lines.

We are looking for all of the excess information not directly relevant to the issue under discussion to be removed. If your customization has multiple functions or includes files that are not critical to the item being tested, we ask that you edit a copy of the file so that these are removed before submitting it for defect investigation.

A real world example: I have a complex webpage that contains a call to a syndicated chat widget. I suspect that the chat widget software is defective when a particular option has been set. I have two options when creating the code for defect submission:

1. Comment out everything on the page except the chat widget call in my original file.

2. Create a file with only the code calling the chat widget.


Creating "Hello World" examples of"

soap envelope :

     A soap envelope for a contact record

What is in a soap envelope?

     How to retrieve a soap envelope

     How would you simplify a soap envelope to submit for a defect investigation?  If there is an area in which you suspect defective behavior, eliminate all fields that are not needed to show the behavior. It may be that you simplify to the point of using the fields needed for the index and the field that is not acting as you believe that it should.  

     How to ensure that timestamps records are consistent in a soap envelope and logs

     Working with dates in soap envelopes   



     When investigating for product defects involving workspace add-ins it is important that add-in code (in a Visual Studio project) be provided. Further, the Support team will need detailed steps to reproduce a reported problem using that project code. The supplied add-in code should be as simple/minimal as can be provided while still reproducing the problem, as should the workspace and related custom code/configurations involved in the test scenario. For example, all workspace rules that are not required to be present when reproducing an issue using the identified test scenario should be removed from the workspace provided to Support for the investigation.


custom widget:

     Custom widgets can be complex. They consist a group of files executed together.

     If you suspect defective behavior, it is best to construct a customer portal page that uses only a single custom widget. It is acceptable to copy a reference implementation page and insert the custom widget that you need. Ideally, the "Hello World" example will not be using custom themes or special css formatting, as you are trying to isolate the issue to product code only. Be sure to run the page, using the development environment if needed and verify that the behavior is able to be reproduced. This page does not need to be promoted or deployed unless the behavior only appears in production.

     When submitting the service request, please indicate the name of widget that is showing the behavior, and indicate how this widget was created. If the widget was created using the widget builder, you may try running the same test with the standard widget to see if you get the same behavior.


custom script:

     Custom scripts may also be complex, work to isolate the example down to a small section of code including the fields, or actions that made the unexpected behavior appear consistently.

     The script should be working with a single type of transaction using sample data if possible. Clearly identify the action being taken and the data objects that it is expected to touch. Illustrate the expected result and the actual result that you are obtaining.



     There is usually only one hook file that can contain many hooks, it is also best to comment out all hooks in the file that do not influence the outcome of your exceptional behavior. If after commenting out all of the hooks the behavior continues, please explain that condition in your service request.

     When you submit the request for assistance, please attach a copy of the hook file that highlights only the hook that appears to generate the behavior you are reporting.


custom model:

     Models files are most often connected to the use of a custom widget. Usually we see that many items have been customized in a model. To create the "Hello World" example we would ask that you remove all customizations in the model that are not germane to the issue. When submitting this issue, please also include a "Hello World" version of the customer portal page that is using the custom widget that uses the custom model showing the unexpected behavior.


custom object handler:

     "Hello World" versions of custom object handlers will be compact and compliant with product documentation. Restrict the code to only the data field and functions needed to display the behavior that is of concern. Please include how you would trigger the event handler and whether or not you are using external event suppression. Please note that you want to avoid namespace issues it will not be necessary to map the handler in the Process Designer.  


CSS - custom style sheet:

    Style sheets can become lengthy, to submit a "Hello World" example, remove or comment out the styles that do not impact the behavior you are reporting, if possible it may be expedient to create a simple .css file that only contains the styles needed. Please include a screen shot with the malformed data as well.


Extension - Browser UI (BUI):

    To Submit a Hello World for BUI Extensions, include a clean workspace with a single BUI Extension. A clean workspace will only include the fields needed for the extension to function.



    To Submit a Hello World for connect REST/SOAP, include a CURL call with the URL, Body and headers. This call should only have the relevant body information to replicate the reported issue.

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