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Copying an incident
Answer ID 6791   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why are old date field values copied when copying an incident?


Incidents / Workspaces


Once the 'Copy' button is selected, old date field values are copied from the original incident (i.e. Date Created, Date Updated).


When an incident is copied, there are essentially two steps, Copy and then Save. In the 'copy' step, all details are pulled from the original record as-is.  This is expected behavior. The new incident does not exist at the database level at that point. It only exists as a placeholder in the agent's console.  

The save action is what creates the record in the database and when all the details are written to the database.  With that Save action, all standard date fields are set correctly with the current date/time (or cleared as appropriate). Note that custom date field values are copied as-is. Custom field values will not change when an incident is copied.  This is the intended functionality.

Once the incident is saved, all thread entries of the copied incident will become associated to the agent making the copy.

Other details such as status or assigned will be copied from the original record.  This is also as expected since the action being performed is a "copy".  However, if you wish to work around this, you can create either workspace or business rules that set these values accordingly when an incident is created from the console.  For example, the rule could set the status to "Unassigned" where source is CX console.

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