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Setting the answers to display the 5 most used and 5 new
Answer ID 669   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

Can I configure the Answers List page to display five answers that have been used the most and five answers that are newly added to the list?


Answers, End-user pages


While there is not a way to separately display these two blocks of 5 answers on the list of answers, you can produce a similar effect with some clever configuration.

Set the number of Answers displayed to be 10.

From Reports Explorer within the console, open the report in edit mode that displays on the answers/list.php. Click the Display tab on the ribbon and then click the Page report dropdown menu. In the dropdown list select 10 Rows per page and Save the report.

For more information on editing the report used for your answers on the end-user pages, refer to the online documentation for Edit the Published Answers page.

Edit the 5 NEW Answers to be Fixed at Top

Next, edit each of the five new answers so that they are fixed at the top of the answer list. Select Fix at Top from the Display Position drop-down menu and save/update the answer. This sets these answers to be the top five answer on the list page.

The rest of the answers will follow in order based on their solved count, which is a reflection of how much the answer is accessed and how useful the information is. In this way, the remaining five slots on the list will be the top five answers that are accessed and useful to your site visitors.