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Evaluating how end-users are using the Oracle B2C Service site
Answer ID 667   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

How can we get an indication of how well Oracle B2C Service is working for us and how often the site is being used by our end-users?


Oracle B2C Service


Generating one or more of the standard reports allows you to gain insight as to how your site visitors are using Oracle B2C Service to find answers to their questions on their own. The standard reports listed below are quite useful for learning how your Oracle B2C Service application is being used by your site visitors.

The Service Summary  reports includes graphs which display information about the number of answers viewed, the number of searches performed and the number of questions submitted, by both Ask a Question submittals and email. By comparing these numbers, you can get a feel of how your site visitors are using your site.

For example, if you compare the total of Answers viewed, Smart Assists and Searches performed to the total of the Web Questions and Email Questions, you can get an indication of how often a request is submitted compared to how much your customers are searching for and viewing answers themselves.

In addition, you can compare the totals above to the number of sessions. If the number of submitted requests is comparatively high compared to the number of sessions, that means that your customers are not using the online answers as much as they possibly could be. This may be due to customer inexperience and they are simply submitting assistance requests without trying to find the answer themselves.

If the number of Answers viewed and Searches performed is much larger than the number of sessions, then your end-users are viewing and searching more than once per session, which could mean they are having difficulty finding the correct answer to solve their issue.

For more information on the items reported in the Service Summary, refer to Answer ID 569: Using the Service Summary Report.

The  Visit Tracking  report provides information on where the site visitor begins and ends their session (on which page). By looking at the percentage of how often a session ends on the Ask a Question page, you can get an idea of how often an end-user was unable to find an Answer themselves. You would like this percentage to be low.


The Answers Viewed report provides information on how many times your answers were viewed in a specified time frame. You can also drill-down on a specific time unit to see which answers were viewed the most and which were viewed the least. This indicates which answers are most valuable for the time period you select.

The Keyword Search report provides a list of words and phrases that were used in a text search for the time frame you specify when you generate the report. By reviewing the words and phrases listed in the report, you can identify areas of the knowledge base that may need additional answers to cover topics that were searched on. You can also identify synonyms and other common words that should be added to existing answers as keywords so that those answers will be found more easily based on the words used by your site visitors.