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Archiving incidents on test or upgrade sites
Answer ID 6658   |   Last Review Date 05/07/2021

Can I enable incident archiving as a test on a non-production site?


All versions, incident archiving


Although it is useful to archive a few incidents on a test site, there is nothing to be gained by enabling archiving to run continuously. 

Production and test sites are different enough that performance is not comparable between site types.  Also, test sites are often refreshed with production data which will write over any archiving that has occurred.  Lastly, since there is no business case for it, the only result of archiving on a test site is load on our servers.

However, Technical Support will gladly run archiving once to archive some incidents that can be viewed in the Archived Incidents report on a test site. In order to do this you will need to enable the Data Lifecycle Policy with the desired parameters and confirm that Technical Support can initiate the utility run.

Note that only the oldest closed incidents will be archived.  Unfortunately there is no way to archive specific incidents or ranges of incidents by date or any other filter.

Please also see Answer 7940: Archived incidents cannot be opened in the test or upgrade site.

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