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Can the Oracle Service Cloud console be installed/run on Apple operating systems?
Answer ID 6487   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Are Apple operating systems supported for use with the Oracle Service Cloud admin console?


Supported versions of Service Cloud


The Oracle Service Cloud administrator console is built on Microsoft's .NET Framework and deployed via Microsoft's ClickOnce standard. For this reason the admin .NET console is not compatible with, and cannot be supported or installed on any Apple operating system.

There are two options available for running OSvC on an Apple system. 

  1. Any VM (Virtual Machine) system that will run on an Apple where the VM is running Windows and meets or exceeds the system requirements for the version of OSvC being run.
    See Oracle Service Cloud Infrastructure Requirements
  2. OSvC can be run directly on an Apple using the BUI (Browser User Interface).  For more information refer to Enabling the Browser UI for Oracle Service Cloud sites.


This Answer applies to the Oracle Service Cloud admin .NET console and does not apply to End User Page support.

* For a full list of system requirements to run the Oracle Service Cloud agent console, please see Answer ID 31: Oracle Service Cloud Infrastructure Requirements