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Unable to deliver scheduled report: Email attachment exceeded allowable size
Answer ID 6443   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2018

Why does my export to excel work but my schedule fail because of file size?


Analytics, All versions


When a report is scheduled using the excel format, the system is not actually able to export the file to excel, but rather exports the file using xml and appends the .xls file extension to it. Because of this, reports scheduled as excel will be much larger in file size than those exported as excel.

You may also notice that when you open a report schedule via excel that you get a warning message:

The file you are trying to open, 'excel Test.xls', is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?

This warning message is for the above mentioned explanation.

If you are unable to schedule a report using excel because the file size is too large, try exporting the report using comma delimited. If the file size is below 7mb then try scheduling the report using that format. Comma delimited files are treated as text files with no additional formatting added in the process. You can edit these files in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software.