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Unable to deliver scheduled report: Report execution failed
Answer ID 6393   |   Last Review Date 10/29/2018

Why does my scheduled report fail, but it generates fine within the console?




If your scheduled report fails to run and you received an email similar to:

Unable to deliver scheduled report: Report execution failed

This is usually an indication that your schedule is processing too much data and you should check the following things:

  1. Do you have the report set to the operational database but also have allow data server to change data source as necessary set? If so then the report may run fine inside the console as it is automatically being switched to the replication server, but this option does not work with schedules and it may be processing to much data as a schedule. Please try the following:
    1. Open your report in edit mode
    2. Click on the options button located in the properties section of the home tab
    3. Change the database source to the "Report Database" (also known as the replication server) 
    4. Save your report
  2. Does your schedule have custom filters? Scheduled reports can use custom set filters, which are often set to be broader than what is set for the main filters when the report is run via the analytics explorer. Please try the following:
    1. Open your report in edit mode
    2. Open your schedule
    3. If the filter values section says ‘Use custom’ click on that
    4. Write down what the custom filters are set to making sure to scroll down on list items
    5. Close the report down and do not save (please note any time you open a schedule the report will ask to save even if you have not made any changes)
    6. Run the report but change the filters when the report is run to match those of the schedule
    7. Does the report process too much data? If so you will need to alter the filters used on the schedule to process less data

If you are still experiencing issues with your scheduled report after reviewing the steps above, please refer to Answer ID 4784: Popular Answers About Scheduled Reports for more information and troubleshooting options.

You may also submit a service request to Ask Technical Support requesting technical assistance. Please provide the interface and report/schedule ID and name you are having difficulty with along with any error messages received.