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Notifying staff of feedback for an answer
Answer ID 638   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

How do we set up a rule so that it sends an email notification to specific staff members informing them that a customer has submitted feedback on one of our answers?


Answers, Business Rules


Notifying someone of answer or site feedback: You can create a workflow rule to send an email to notify specific staff members when an incident is created from either answer or site feedback submitted from your end-user.  Create the workflow rule similar to the following:

Incident Source equals Answer Feedback and/or Site Feedback

E-Mail Incident Information to (add e-mail addresses in the resulting text box) or highlight staff accounts. Use the CTRL key to highlight multiple staff accounts.

The email addresses and staff accounts specified in the THEN part of the rule will receive email notifications for all incidents created from feedback specified for the incident source type.

Notifying answer owner of answer feedback: When feedback is submitted for an answer on your site, you can configure a rule to assign the feedback incident directly to the staff member who owns the answer. Set up the rule to use the  Assign incident to staff member assigned the answer action. The rule will look like:

Incident Source equals Answer Feedback

Assign incident to staff member assigned the answer


In addition, in the email messages table, ensure that the Incident Assigned message is enabled. That way, when the incident is assigned to the staff member who owns the answer, the incident assigned message is distributed to the owner of the answer.

The Incident Assigned notification is displayed in the Communication Center of the Console.

For more information, see Answer ID 1730: Routing Answer Feedback to the staff member the answer is assigned to.