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Using a custom field for only one interface
Answer ID 637   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

Can a custom field be displayed with only one of our interfaces?


Custom Fields


You can configure custom fields to display on a single interface. You can also configure whether a custom field will display for the end-user pages of the specific interface or whether the custom field will appear on the administration pages when logged in to the interface.

To configure the custom fields to display for an interface, you must edit the visibility settings for the field. When editing a custom field, each interface is listed under the Visibility heading. You can enable or disable the visibility options independently for each interface listed.

For more information on the specific visibility options, refer to Answer ID 1102: Visibility settings with custom fields.

You can create separate workspaces for use for your different interfaces. This allows you to add fields to the workspace used for one interface but exclude those fields from the workspaces for other interfaces. You can drag and drop the fields onto the specific workspace(s) used for each interface.

For more information on configuring workspaces, refer to Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.