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"Unexpected end of the file has occurred" error when opening a report
Answer ID 6352   |   Last Review Date 02/11/2020

Why are we receiving the following error when opening a report?


Oracle B2C Service


We are receiving this error when generating a specific report.

Unexpected end of the file has occurred. The following elements are not closed: exec_rv. soap:Body,soap:Envelop.Line 8, position 1


One option for why this error is returned from the server is because of the high number of rows that the generated report has to return on the same page.

Example:  This illustrates a report that returns upwards of 500k +.

Records 1 - 10,000 (549,079 Total)

In order for results to be returned as expected, edit the row limit per page that the report is returning. This limit should be set to maximum 10,000 records, and could be defined in two ways:

1. Open the report in edit mode, then go to the "Level" tab and select "Record Limit". Set the limit to 10,000 rows;


2. The configuration setting VRL_HARD specifies the limit of the number of rows that can be displayed in a report and the default value is 10,000. If this value has been increased, you may want to consider setting it back to the default value. For more information on this setting, see Answer ID 5422: Report results limited to 10,000.

If this information does not resolve your issue, submit a service request to Ask Technical Support for additional assistance.