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Negative Value in the Response Interval Column
Answer ID 6351   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why is there a negative value in the Response Interval column in my report?


Incident Reports


The Response Interval column, representative of the sla_resp_delta database column, is the number of minutes the incident was outside the response threshold specified by its response requirements. It will display a negative value if the first response was sent within the response requirements for the incident.

In the following scenario, the SLA response time is 48 hours. An incident was created at 02:00 on December the 31st and the first response was due at 2:00 on January the 2nd. The first response was sent roughly 15 minutes after the incident was created. Because the response was sent before the response due time had elapsed, the value in  sla_resp_delta will be a negative number. The sla_resp_delta in this case will be -2865, since there were 47.75 hours to go until the response was due.

The sla_resp_delta column will contain a positive value when the first response is sent after the response due time has elapsed.