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Mailbox misconfigurations detected before update
Answer ID 6313   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

What is the impact of misconfigurations in mailboxes setup detected before update?


Mailboxes, All versions updating to version August 2013 and newer


Before update you may receive notification through an incident that your mailbox setup has misconfigurations.  The incident will identify any action that is needed to resolve the issue(s). These misconfigurations are identified because they can impact your site after cutover.

The following issues may occur if misconfigurations are not rectified:

  • Permanent loss of email from customers.
  • Rules engine failure that may cause incidents to not be assigned to queues.
  • Emails from customers bouncing back as being undeliverable.
  • Email may be delayed from creating incidents until the configuration errors are corrected.
  • Incidents being assigned to the incorrect mailboxes which can affect messages sent to customers.

Please note that the fix for these issues after update cutover requires an engagement with Oracle Managed Services.  Technical Support does not provide support for these issues after update cutover.

Note that these misconfigurations must be corrected on the PRODUCTION site as the mailboxes setup will be moved from the production site during cutover.