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Viewing inline images from the contact
Answer ID 6293   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

When a contact replies via email and includes an inline image, how can the agent see that image in the thread entry when he/she opens the incident?


Visual Email
Oracle B2C Service,
November 2011 and later releases


In order for your agents to see the inline images your customers add to their emails you must have the EGW_VISUAL_EMAIL configuration setting enabled. The EGW_VISUAL_EMAIL configuration setting allows rich text formatting of incoming emails to be captured. Rich text formatting includes font color, font type and size, and line images, among other things.

If the setting is disabled images will be added to the incident as attachments.

Please note that enabling the EGW_VISUAL_EMAIL configuration setting will not capture formatting retroactively, meaning that existing incidents' format will not be changed. Adjusting the setting will impacting future incoming incidents, however.

In addition to enabling the EGW_VISUAL_EMAIL configuration setting, you will need to ensure that your agents are using the rich text thread control in their incident workspaces, rather than the VI, or plain text thread control. If your agents are using plain text thread controls they will not see rich text formatting in their thread entries.

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